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Why choose GLC?

We are the leading dealer and producer of remanufactured truck and other vehicles and equipment in the country, renowned for quality workmanship. Throughout the last fifteen years, GLC Truck & Equipment has built a sterling and solid reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service.  GLC Truck & Equipment was established in 1999 as a sole proprietorship company. 

The company was created by Ms. Ruby P. Navarro, a former banker, who saw the need to provide a superior alternative to entrepreneurs and business organizations in need of truck and equipment.  At that time, reconditioned or remanufactured trucks, which were created from surplus materials from Japan was a fledgling business endeavor.

GLC Truck & Equipment was envisioned as a professional business enterprise that would tap into the inherent creativity and craftsmanship of Filipino workers in providing truck and equipment that were of superior quality and workmanship, while at the same time promoting professionalism and the growth of a viable industry. 

History and Development

GLC Truck & Equipment recently celebrated its 16th year anniversary.  The milestone marked not only more than a decade-and-a-half of existence, but a celebration as well of the company’s sustained leadership in the industry. From its inception, GLC Truck & Equipment has distinguished itself as a company with a clear vision and a staunch commitment to professionalism.

The Company pioneered in many innovations including after-sales service, product quality and safety, research and development, automated office processes, and total customer service.   Today, GLC Truck & Equipment is leading the way towards further professionalizing the industry and showcasing the ingenuity and talent of Filipino workers, thus its company tagline: Taking Pride in Filipino Craftsmanship

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Vision and Mission

GLC Vision 2020

We are the industry leader because we deliver what we promise.

GLC Mision

We exist to add value to our various stakeholders.
We enrich our customers through products and services that meet diverse needs and exceed expectations.
We develop our employees and craftsmen to achieve their full potentials.
We serve our community and our country by being a responsible corporate citizen.
We grow our company as a dynamic, professional, and ethical organization.
We draw strength from and build on Filipino craftsmanship as our so pride and competitive edge.
We are a God-centered enterprise.

Our Values: PRIDE

for quality and continuous improvement, We put our hearts and our energies into everything that we do.
to the needs of our various stakeholders, We not only anticipate, we exceed expectations.
in everything that we do. Our name is our best guarantee, We live up to the highest standards of professionalism and trustworthiness.
to our faith and our beliefs we don’t compromise on our values – we renew our commitments every day, every year.
as a way of life. We do not settle for mediocrity. We aim high.

Our management team.

Manager 1

Ruby P. Navarro

The President/General Manager of the company. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Management degrees from the Far Eastern University. She rose from the ranks at Solidbank Corporation, occupying posts in Administration and Finance, and later, in Corporate Banking, specializing in account management and trade financing. Prior to establishing GLC, she was the Finance Manager of Riordan Commercial Inc. She is also President and CEO of Evertrust Business Solutions, Inc., an affiliate company of GLC. Ms. Navarro provides overall direction and management of the business.

Manager 1

Engr. Felicisimo P. Navarro Jr.

The Assistant Vice President for Production and Plant Manager of the company. manages the manufacturing side of the business. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Far Eastern University. Prior to joining GLC, he was connected with a construction firm and served with the Department of Public Works and Highways as engineer. He was a long-time councilor and was elected Vice Mayor of Macabebe, Pampanga. He is active in various socio-civic organizations such as the Rotary Club.

Department Heads

Sales and Marketing

Ruby P. Navarro - Department Head

Johnny M.Yamat - Group Supervisor

Vicente B. De Mesa III - Group Supervisor

Robert P. Mallari - Junior Supervisor

Ruth S. Yabut - Junior Supervisor

Production and Operation

Felicisimo P. Navarro Jr. - Department Head

Pedro Dodjie O. Villaceran - Group Supervisor

Reynaldo J. Claveria - Junior Supervisor

Raymond G. Santos - Junior Supervisor

Finance and Administration

Genevive A. Cebritas - Department Head

Rose Daryl Anne A. Pelipel - Supervisor

Justin Genesis M. Navarro - Supervisor

Michelle T. Gatson - Junior Supervisor

Maribel C. Yamat - Junior Supervisor


Benigno Cubacub Jr.

Financial and Audit Consultant

Schubert Caesar Austero

Management Consultant

Milagros Igual

Management Consultant